Application Procedures and Forms

Application Procedures and Forms

Anyone can nominate a listed company for the awards. Listed companies can also nominate themselves.

Nomination can be made to the Secretariat of the Award Organizing Committee (AOC) using the prescribed Nomination Form. Once the nomination is received, the AOC will invite the nominated company to complete and submit an Entry Form together with a completed Questionnaire with supplementary information included. Alternatively, a listed company may apply directly by filling and returning the Nomination and Entry Forms together with the completed Questionnaire with supplementary information included. The signature(s) on the Entry Form constitute the entrant’s agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions in this Award Scheme. Please download the Nomination and Entry Forms, and Questionnaire here.

The completed and signed Entry forms together with the completed questionnaire with supplementary information included can be submitted in English or Chinese. The questionnaire pertains to different aspects of corporate governance or ESG policies and practices of the listed company and is aligned with the Award assessment criteria listed in the “Criteria and Selection Process” section of this website. The information would assist the Expert Review Group (ERG) and Award Judging Panel (AJP) to assess the achievements by the applicant.

A copy of the last annual report and/or ESG report of the listed company shall be appended to the submission, as well as other supporting materials the listed company deems appropriate. The organizers will not return documents or supplementary material submitted with an entry.

The completed Nomination / Entry Form and questionnaire with supplementary information included, a copy of the latest annual report and / or ESG report and any other supporting materials should be delivered by Email to:

Awards Secretariat
Award Organising Committee
The Hong Kong Corporate Governance and ESG Excellence Awards

Email Subject: “Excellence Awards 2023 Submission”

Enquiry: (852) 3411 5281